What’s in the Bag?

What’s in the Bag? By Kirk Clark I’d been sneaking along a gently sloping ridge since just before first light, trying to position myself for the shot.  I knew there would be deer and possibly a few elk in the valley below and I was hoping to capitalize on this fact as soon as there … Read More

Sticking With It

Sticking With It Wow, six months and no blog entry…“what kinda website is this guy running?” I found myself asking this question as we headed into the last month of the year. Certainly I can do better than this! So I thought, after all this is a website based on the outdoors, how come I … Read More

Yours and Only Yours

Yours and Only Yours By Kirk Clark When you spend as much time in the woods as I have over the span of nearly fifty years you cover a lot of acreage.  While I’m no ecosystem expert and have no idea what makes one area so much more attractive to me than another, years ago … Read More

‘Alive’ in the Wild February 2014

‘Alive’ in the Wild February 2014 by Kirk Clark             Thinking back I can’t remember a time I wasn’t entranced by the outdoors.  At a young age I’m sure I didn’t know it at the time, or at least certainly didn’t consider it a state of some transcendent emotionally significant thought process.  To a kid, … Read More

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts By Kirk Clark Recently, while spending a week in a scorching hot antelope blind in eastern Montana, I started thinking about the little things that provide small comforts which keep us in the game longer.  You know, those little things, they aren’t too expensive, but aid in ensuring we stay out there. With … Read More


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