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Kirk-Clark-aboutAs a young boy the thrills and adventures experienced in the woodlots, pastures, and salt marshes of southeast Virginia became the center of my attention and drove me to learn about the outdoors and the creatures which inhabit it. In this rural environment I discovered hunters were a group of people whose foundation was built on truth, honesty, and a true love of the outdoors. We are conservationists and naturalists. We’ve built an age old culture based on family and friendship. At age nineteen I bought my first bow and became immersed in all that was wild and rugged, and spent countless hours in the woods watching, listening, learning, and shooting daily. I learned hard work and an open mind are key to unlocking my potential.

To make my dreams a reality I needed to have a plan. I focused on my education and career, and eventually moved to one of the finest hunting meccas in the lower forty-eight, Montana. My dreams slowly became reality, and I’ve since traveled the world with bow and camera in hand. Planning, specifically “purposeful planning,” has become the foundation from which all of my success has been launched.

My outdoor writing career evolved out of a vision; using decades of experience to expedite the learning process, with the goal of empowering outdoor enthusiasts, through printed and spoken words, so they can achieve success in the field. Fueled by an obsession to be an accomplished hunter, and filled with compassion for the everyday working person wanting proven success ignites my outdoor passion. Years of applying my ability to call and get close to trophy big game has been reproduced for nearly a million readers and presented to thousands of seminar attendees.

Hunters share a kinship with one another. Passing on generations of experience to others is the premise behind Outdoor Insight. Some of the tips and techniques I give on my blog, facebook, or this web site may not suit you, while others may lead you directly to the adventure of a lifetime. Either way, you have my guarantee I’ll work hard to inform you with all the details of how and why I’m successful in the field; from scouting, setups, and calling, to equipment, and financing. I’ll be here to tell you everything the other guys don’t.

Thank you for enjoying the adventure.



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